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Logo & Graphic Designing

Logo not only defines the brand, it defines its brand value in market. So let’s make it.

Web Designing and Development

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make.

Mobile App. Development

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

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Your business growth, depends on your dedication and work on.

About Us

Cratonik is the Business Management and Development Company, which will help you in order to improve your business growtha and management at online sector in different ways.

  • Make your business shine at the online platform using attractive websites.
  • Grow your business online in order to grow it at high scale.
  • Let's get improved with us, and contact us in order to get a wide idea.

Cratonik is the new startup venture by Chaitanya Shimpi, whose aim from this venture is to create a big platform of connected business. Our Company serves the services to the businesses or shops present in our network, in order to make their business grow at online platform.

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We can solve your business problem, by geting it online with Cratonik Network.

You can be the part of Cratonik Network, so that you will be able to conduct a meeting and clarify the business plan to be implemented in order to grow your business online.

  • 01 What is Cratonik Network?

    Cratonik Network is the platform which will keep the eye on growth of your business by analyzing it and providing you the best packages of online business management which will be handle by Cratonik Team.

  • In order to get the part of Cratonik Network, you will have to pay due amount of money in order to be the part of Cratonik Network. Or else if you complete a deal of ruppess more than 10000 (Website development or anything), then you will get the offer of being the part of network for free.

  • No, if you are having the small, you can be the part of Cratonik Network. Because our motive is to grow your business widely.


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