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Android App Development

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As We Know, Android is the Latest technology.Most Companies Prefer using Android development because it is cheap and efficient with respect to speed and execution. Many Mobile Apps are developed in android because it provides a wide range of functionality.

Software on Android Application is used widely because it is available on every mobile,iPad and tablets. Android application is developed in cheap charges due to free availability with respect to other tools.

1. Understanding what you want
Understanding and analyzing your app idea
Profiling the potential user of the app to identify key variables
Refining the idea to make it more desirable for you and the user
Creating and agreeing upon the Final Requirement Document
Finalizing the milestones

2. Designing your app
Selecting the right style of design for the app
Creating the initial draft of the app design
Zeroing down on the final app design

3. Developing the Code
Creating all the app assets
Coding the basic mechanics of the app
Delivering the first draft
Re-Working on the app, based on inputs
Creating UI elements and integrating all the elements

4. Submitting the ready-to-use app
Assessing and testing the final quality
Submitting the final app to the client
Submitting the app to Android store